San Antonio Cake Companythe sweet side of life...

Posted by Cynthia on 5th March, 2014



“San Antonio Cake Company” the sweet side of life, is based on the belief that a great cake or desert starts with fresh ingredients, a tried and true recipe and a passion for what your creating!

Operating under the “Texas Cottage Food Law”, my residential home kitchen produces a superior product that the large retailers and mass production bakery can’t achieve.  Only a small number of cakes and sweets are made weekly so you are assured to receive the finest product on the market.

I love what I do and you will too!  A large percentage of my business is from repeat customers and referrals. I’d love to be of service for any of our event needs.

Wedding cakes, birthday cakes for any of life’s celebrations, I’m here to make them sweet and memorable!

Check out my blog for more information about my services and what I’m doing in this “sweet side of life”.

Since I am a private kitchen, I am able to produce a completely different level of quaility in my home baked products.

Small batches (don’t worry I can meet any need) allow for greater attention to detail.

Fresh ingredients and a keen eye for the “yummy” factor…you won’t be able to get to your destination without cake on your face!

San Antonio Cake CompanyCupCake Bar

Posted by Cynthia on 5th March, 2014

Assorted CupcakesCheck out ” San Antonio Cake Company” CupCake Bar!

I love the cupcake “Burista” chefs who assist the guest in their choices of delicious fillings, icing and toppings to create a one of a kind custom cupcake for each guest.

Ideal for weddings, corporate events and Bar-Bat Mitzvahs and much more.

Oh my gosh…the kid in me is excited.

Getting Down the AisleRehearsal Itinerary and Etiquette

Posted by Cynthia on 8th March, 2013

First, who should attend the wedding rehearsal?  All members of the wedding party including bride, groom, best man, maid of honor, bridesmaids, groomsmen, ushers, flower girl, ring bearer, readers, mothers and fathers. Ideally, the musician(s) or DJ will also attend so cues and timing can be coordinated.  Everyone should arrive on time because we will start on time.

Rehearsal Homework (sorry)

A little time spent here will save a lot of time at the rehearsal.

_____Know IN ADVANCE who will be an Usher or Ushers (many times it’s Groomsmen) and inform them that they are to be Ushers.

_____The Best Man is the keeper of the rings on the wedding day. Please do not attach the rings to a pillow. The best man will need to have the rings LOOSE in his pocket for ease of transfer to the Officiant.  If using the ring pillow is to have “mock” rings only tied to it. The difficulty of “untying” the rings from the pillow from a well intended loved one could create an impossible removal of the rings from the pillow.

_____Know in advance what your Bridal Party linen up will be.  It is NOT required for them to be in order by height or even in even numbers.

_____Know in advance of the rehearsal where any large decorative structures (wedding arch, ferns, pedestals, etc.) are going to be so we can tape off an area to avoid.

_____It’s good if you can to have a few chairs set up to represent the front row, so we can judge the amount of space needed and also because we will practice seating the mothers.
_____If there is going to be an aisle runner, decide ahead of time who will pull it out and at what point in the procession it will be done. Traditionally, it was done just prior to the bride’s entrance but recently it changed so that the entire wedding party walks on the runner. It’s your choice.  Please do NOT buy a paper runner. They are terrible and will bunch up under everyone’s feet. They are particularly bad when used for outdoor weddings as they fly in the wind.

_____Flower petals are lovely down the sides of the aisle. Down the center and you have an issue with the Brides maids and the Brides long dresses becoming a “vacuum cleaner” sucking up the petals under their gowns as they make their processional down the aisle?

_____Decide if you want the groomsmen to come in all together in the beginning or paired up with bridesmaids. If they are to enter in pairs, decide BEFORE the rehearsal, in advance, who will walk with whom?
_____If you are going to have a unity candle, we will practice that with the actual candles that will be used in the ceremony. Each unity candle and their holders are configured slightly different, so it will be important to rehearse with the same one that will be used at your wedding. Notice, a unity candle is NOT recommended for outdoor weddings.
_____If you are having a rose presentation during your ceremony, we will rehearse that as well.
_____Bring your marriage license to the Officiant at the rehearsal. Traditionally, it is the Best Man that is responsible for remembering this detail.
_____Be prepared on the evening of the rehearsal to pay any vendors that are supposed to be paid prior to the wedding.
_____It may be convenient to meet with other wedding professionals such as caterers, photographers, decorators, florists, etc. on the evening of the rehearsal. Arrange time to meet with each of them separately after the rehearsal time. The rehearsal time should be dedicated to rehearsing ONLY. Please…I only need everyone’s attention for a short time. I realize there are lots of questions of which many are answered here in my booklet. Come prepared, give me your full attention and all will smoothly not only for the wedding rehearsal but the wedding day as well.  So let’s begin…

You have spent a lot of time, money and energy to create a beautiful wedding. The Rehearsal is the official “kick off” to the beginning of your wedding celebrations and the beginning of your wedding memories.  My goal for your Rehearsal is to have fun, for things to go as easily as possible so that you and your family will arrive at your Rehearsal dinner on time relaxed and excited about your “tomorrow”.

MOST importantly…

We start ON TIME.  Be mindful that your guest could arrive as much as 30 to 40 minutes prior to the event.  Let’s not keep them waiting especially if you have a summer out door wedding.  It’s HOT and hard on the young and the old.

Children and Pets participating in the ceremony…

Mothers or fathers of the children OR pets, will be on “stand-by” to scoop up the kids and to “scoop up”…well you know what…if the they are not able to make it down the aisle.  The children will not be standing during the ceremony. They make their grand entrance and then are retrieved by the parent at the end of the aisle and will be seated with their parent. Pets must be cleared in advance by the venue to be allowed to participate.  A leash is required at all times as well as a kennel for safe keeping of your beloved pet.  Pets must be current on their vaccinations!  Please designate a “Pet Handler” family or friend to watch over your pet during the event.  Make sure water is available at all times.

Choosing your Ceremony Music

“Here Comes the Bride” has been played…and played…and played…at weddings for many generations.  Don’t fall into the “expected” ceremony music trap.  Pick songs that are ‘your” signature songs and leave a lovely musical memory with your guest.  Don’t know what to pick?   Your DJ will be able to help you in your music selections.

Processional Order

Groom, Officiant and Best Man Processional

Bridal Party, Children’s and Brides Processional 

Lighting can enhance the Brides grand entrance. Turning the lights up just as you enter the aisle or even changing the colors (soft shades) on the ceremony sites walls makes for a really beautiful entrance.

Bride and Grooms Recessional

Once the Bride and Groom make their Recessional down the aisle, the couple will take a few moments to celebrate becoming husband and wife.

Bridal Party Processional

Officiant Processional

Guest Processional

Officiant Services are now complete. Officiant will depart with Marriage License in hand to send to the local County Clerks Office for the document to be recorded and to become “official”.

Post Ceremony Photo Session

During the Couples break, the immediate family of the couple and the Bridal Party will remain in the Ceremony area to allow the photographer to begin the post ceremony photo session. The Bride and Groom return and have their photos take LAST allowing the family and Bridal party to move on to the cocktail hour. The guest and other family members not part of the wedding ceremony will move on to the cocktail hour.

Photos finished and now…

To Bustle or not to Bustle…Now is the time for the Bride to bustle her gown if it is to be bustled (Bustled by mother or Wedding Coordinator)

*Note: All of the information provided here applies to both Christian (religious) and non-religious and spiritual weddings.

Home WeddingsFather of The Bride 1991

Posted by Cynthia on 7th March, 2013

We all love the 1991 move “Father of the Bride” with Steve Martin, Diane Keaton and Kimberly Williams and of course the eccentric European Wedding Planner “Franck Eggelhoffer” played by the ever so funny Martin Short. The “Banks” threw a very beautiful and elaborate wedding for Annie, their beautiful daughter.

But OK…back to reality, not all of us have a 4,300 square foot white colonial Mansion to have a wedding in.

But we do have our home with all the memories from childhood to adulthood and everything in between just as Annie did in the movie. Let’s look at the “Banks” wedding and see what worked and what didn’t.

Do’s and Don’tsfor a home wedding,

How big is your guest list? The “Banks”guest list grew and grew and grew until the family had to move all the furniture out of the house and bring in a tent. Keep your guest list reasonable. Remember, for every person invited…that’s a $ amount which quickly adds up. Food, Bar, table and chair rentals, table decorations…Ca-Ching…Ca-Ching.

How big is your budget? The “Banks” lost complete control over their budget early on with “Franck” taking control of the check book and dad, George (Steve Martin) having his heart strings tugged on by Annie and Mom (Diane Keaton). Taking out a second Mortgage on your home to pay for the wedding is financial suicide.

Neighborhood restrictions. The “Banks” did not consider parking. Parking guest cars in front of your house and down the street is a great way to invite the police to your wedding. Not a good wedding memory.

Crowd control. Don’t over crowd your rooms or even your back yard with too many guest. Over crowding is a sure way to make your guest miserable. They can’t get to the bar, food, bathrooms, dance floor or even to the Bride and Groom!  Keep it comfortable.

Have a Rehearsal the day before. This will help you know where your “issues” are that need to be fixed. Fix then now and there will be fewer “issues” the next day.

Early Birds. Be aware that guest may arrive to early. Have an designated area for them to be able to sit and be comfortable. Don’t allow them into the Bride or Grooms dressing areas as it will slow down their ability to dress and be on time for the ceremony.

Officiants needs. Make sure your Officiant is OK with a home wedding and what his or her needs may be. Most are happy to oblige.

Hire security. Guest can become rowdy and intoxicated. Don’t try to handle this yourself. Have professional security Officers on the grounds. They are pros at keeping the peace and will help usher your slightly tipsy guest out of the home when the Wedding Reception is over.

Secure. Any and all valuables need to be locked up and secured. This goes for any guns that are kept in your home. Be safe. Don’t encourage “sticky” fingers by leaving great grandmothers gold ring on the dresser.  Lock rooms that will not be in use and place a sign on the door saying “Private Please”.

Pets. If at all possible, kennel your pets. The noise, unfamiliar guest and excitement can cause your pets to become stressed and even possibly bite someone or even run away.

Plan B. Be prepared for bad weather. The “Banks” woke up on the wedding day to snow. If forced in doors due to bad weather, would all your guest fit in your home? No? Then you have to have a Plan B. Guest must be called (delegate this to a family member) and don’t forget to call the vendors and inform them of the change in location. DON’T do this the day of the wedding. There will not be time to make the change. The day before should give you a good clue as of what the weather will be like the next day. Your guest hanging out in your back yard with their coats on all evening doesn’t make for memorable pictures nor will the Bride look attractive in her gown with a coat over her dress.

And finally…

There’s no place like home and a home wedding is a wonderful way to celebrate “the family” and to celebrate the beginning of a brand new family. Just as the “Banks” found their joy in their home wedding for Annie, so will you and yours.

Officiant v.s. MinisterWho do you need?

Posted by Cynthia on 6th March, 2013

So which one here is the Officiant and which one is the Minister?

Doesn’t matter, Officiants and Ministers perform the same service.

They both marry couples.

However, not all couples need a Minister and not all couples need an Officiant but then again… you may need both!

So here are some guidelines that will help you decide what you need when you start your search for your “spokesman” for your wedding day.




First… let’s talk about both of these professionals and their “credentials”.

In the state of Texas, anyone who is an ordained individual may marry a couple.

Ministers have, usually, some education in the area of Religion.  Some have degree’s from Universities while others have received their Ordination in other types of programs. Ministers usually have a congregation or church members whom they attend to with all the responsibilities of performing official weekly church duties.  Usually couples who are married by a Minister attend that Ministers church and have had a long and happy friendship with that individual.  But…not all couples marry with in a church.  Some couples find themselves at odds with their faith or one is of a different faith making them an Interfaith couple.  Ministers are bound by the”Principles and Doctrine” of their church which sometimes creates a “legalistic” issue for the couple and their ability to meet the churches religions rules, criteria and religious laws.

This is where Officiants shine…

Officiants are not bound by religious law, have no congregation to tend to weekly and are focused on nothing but performing weddings (some will do funerals if asked).  They marry couples of all faiths and those who are of no religious persuasion.  They spend countless hours in staying abreast of the Wedding Ceremony industry.  When all you do is perform weddings…you get really…really…good at it!

Some couples need the service of the Minister or a Rabbi and an Officiant.


One, may be a Jew or a Christian and the other non-religious and out of respect for the Jewish individual or the Christian, a Rabbi or a Minister is in attendance along side the Officiant. Interfaith weddings, in my experience, have been some of the most meaningful and beautiful.  Acknowledgment of the different faiths or belief systems doesn’t make the couple antagonistic or contradictory because their aim is the same.  Compassion, kindness, respect and love of family and if religious…God.

Marriage need not be a melting pot in which your differences cease to exist.