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Posted by Cynthia on 27th April, 2012

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I am a creative-thinking woman with a keen eye for all things beautiful.

My company has it’s own distinct style unlike any other. Fresh, chic, one of a kind wedding ceremonies with a modern touch that politely bends tradition offering an authentic and refined final product. 

My ceremonies are not cookie cutter, re-cycled sermonized ceremonies.  I’m not interested in being just another wedding Officiant but one that is remembered for a calm demeanor and an eloquent and distinguished orator.

I have stayed true to my vision when I started this company by demonstrating professionalism, ethics and responsibility to every couple I work with. I don’t work hard at creating a beautiful wedding ceremony I work smart by collaborating with my couples.  

Untitled12copyI‘ll quickly earn your trust and exceed your expectations.  I invest my heart in making your wedding day all you’ve dreamed of!

I will create a wedding ceremony just for you based on honest advice and professional expertise. We area a team! Don’t know what your inspiration is? No worries! A lot of couples come to me with no idea of what they want for their ceremony. It’s ok. With my guidance, I’ll help you find it and we will bring to life your vision. 

The relationship between Couple and Officiant is an intimate one. Your distinct personality, ideas and taste, are important to me. Getting to know you and you me, is the beginning of our successful partnership in creating your beautiful wedding.

Who is the best “fit” with me? The couple that understands that the ceremony is what it’s all about.  They understand it’s the truest expression of their love for each other.  They want the comfort of knowing that they are in the hands of an experienced and professional Officiant.


Weddings are born out of inspiration from the heart but it takes my knowledge and experience of wedding ceremonies to bring them to life. To marry a couple is a great honor and I’m always amazed at what my couples teach me!  

Whatever your dreams are, together we will bring them to life. I am here to guide you, inspire you and to walk you to the aisle.

For more information about my services please go to the “Officiant Services” tab here under “Services” or call or schedule your complementary appointment today using the buttons below and…

               ”Thank you for being the best part of “Cynthia Black Weddings“!


BS in Family from Texas State University
PrePare/Enrich Facilitator

Professional Membership

National Council of Jewish Women
American Academy of Wedding Professionals
Texas Association of Wedding Officiants
American Academy of Wedding Officiants
Alumni Alpha Phi, Gamma Eta
Honor Society: Phi Upsilon Omicron

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